Thursday, August 11, 2011

There is Yet Another Black Mar on the Face of Veterinary Medicine

Yes, that's right. There is another black mar on the face of Veterinary Medicine, and its name is Dr. Dawn Blackmar.

Blackmar, who reportedly is paid $125,000 a year to run Harris County Animal Control in Texas, presides over what can only be called a house of horrors at the Harris County Animal Control "shelter."

See the recent TV investigative report for yourself from Houston's Fox News station:

Former Animal Control Employees React to FOX 26 Investigation:

" . . the more we continue to investigate . . . the more gut-wrenching stories we hear," says journalist Randy Wallace.

Animals made to watch each other killed, including mother dogs made to watch their puppies killed, and puppies forced to watch their mother's killed. This practice is against the law. "Look at these pictures . . . " Wallace says, showing the proof.

Former employees say this has been going on for years.

"The more questions we asked Blackmar, the more she tried to pretend we weren't there" said the reporter, who asked the six-figure salary veterinarian and sadist in chief if the taxpayer's weren't owed an explanation for the horrors they have learned about. The video shows Blackmar coldly walking away.

Like she has from the suffering of all the animals she has overseen the killing of. According to former employee, this has been going on for years.

Except I suspect its more than merely walking away. I think that someone who goes on running a place like this, a torture chamber of mental torture for the human employees and sheer Auchwitz-like terror death camps for animals must enjoy it.

I think she must be a sadist.

"Dr. Blackmar has been there for too long," said a former employee. "They don't see anything wrong with it. It's been going on for years . . ."

We here at Bad Vet Daily agree. She needs to go.

Talking about how awful it was to hear the allegations about the momma dog being killed in front of her puppies, the female newscaster says: "It's just too much," said a female newscaster.

"It makes you want to cry," said the male newscaster.

The station is running a poll and the public can participate, on whether or not they think Blackmar should resign. I know how I vote! Sign the petition to urge the prosecution of Dawn Blackmar! Sign the Petition!

How much more evidence does the public need that sadists who enjoy animal torture are drawn to the field of veterinary medicine?

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