Monday, January 30, 2012

They Screw Horses, Don't They? Pennsylvania Vet Charged in Oklahoma Incident with Horse

Thomas Lyle Wilson, a veterinarian now practicing at an as-yet undisclosed veterinary practice in Pennsylvania animal practice, has been charged in Oklahoma with sodomizing a horse ("a crime against nature").

The news coverage provided via the link to video below from, Channel 2 in Tulsa, states:

"Oklahoma State investigators say the man was caught in a sex act with a horse .. . [the act occurred over 2 years ago] when he was a student in the Tulsa area. That case didn't surface until this summer and today Wilson was in court to face a judge. . . .Court documents state that a doctor was checking on the horses at his clinic [where Wilson was training] on a live video feed and saw Wilson having sex with one of the animals. The doctor told investigators that he confronted Wilson about the alleged incident. Wilson's response was that he was glad to have been caught, and that he needed help. The case was turned over to the Tulsa County District Attorney's office last October."

OK, let's pause and digest this.

Wilson was a veterinary student working at a clinic -- a veterinary clinic. He was observed by the clinics owner or manager (it doesn't say which, it just says the doctor was checking on horses at "his" clinic, which leads me to believe he was the owner) having sex with one of the animals. Since this was a veterinary hospital, we can infer that he was [allegedly] having sex with a clinic patient.

When confronted, Wilson's response was "I need help." Those are not the words of a man who is doing this for the first time. Those are the words of a man who has an ongoing problem.

So, here is this vet, [allegedly] fucking a clinic patient, admitting he has a problem with this kind of behavior . . . . and it takes 2 1/2 years for the case to come to light. In that 2 1/2 years, Wilson has become licensed and started practicing in Pennsylvania.

The coverage includes an interview with Dell Fullerton of the Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. He said this issue came to his attention when he was looking "at another matter." But get this setup: Fullerton says "He's being very cooperative with the District Attorney's office," adding that Wilson has never been licensed in or practiced in Oklahoma. Ah, I feel excuses coming on.

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Board has not initiated any charges against Wilson. I'm putting money on them NEVER doing so. This case will probably just slink away. The PA vet board may claim that Wilson's fucking a horse as a student in Oklahoma has nothing to do with his practice of veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania. Right.

Well, if they DO take that position, it will be equivalent to a state licensing board claiming that a man raping a child should be allowed to work at a daycare center.

This man should LOSE his license. Period.

Why don't they release the name of the hospital at which this vet works? Don't you think the clients have a right to know that this man is "treating" their patients? That way they can make up their own minds about what to do when this vet says he's going to take their pets "in the back" room for treatment. He may mean that in more ways than one. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE THIS MAN IS WORKING!!!!!


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