Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is "Dr." Andrew Carlton Covering Up Greyhound Racing's Dirty Secrets?

According to a recent alert by Grey2K USA, Arizona Department of Racing's Chief Veterinarian, Andrew Carlton, is in possession of injury reports for the state's racing greyhounds. Yet the Department repeatedly refuses to release this information to Grey2K USA.

Is Dr. Carlton complicit in a cover up of the horrors of greyhound racing?

Carlton, in fact, is not merely implicated in what may be a coverup of racing injuries causing the suffering of greyhound dogs. Web searches for Carlton reveal that he has a history of complaints. Another veterinarian, Janet Forrer, joined with a retired assistant U.S. Attorney General to file a complaint against Carlton in 2008,alleging that Carlton and two track vets, Betty Menke and Paul Pullen, were in violation of the Veterinary Practice Act. Allegations included: steroids being administered by staff not licensed to do so; lack of records for dogs; and most importantly, lack of oversight by Carlton.

In 2005, also under Dr. Carlton's tenure as the State Veterinarian for the Tucson Greyhound Park, animal cruelty investigators seized 76 greyhounds from conditions described as "deplorable." Dogs seized were found to be suffering from posible urinary tract ailments, kennel cough, and "blood diseases." Many were suffering from severe flea and tick infestation, mange, and possible internal parasites. 31 of the dogs were "very thin"; 21 had sores and 8 had puncture wounds and cuts. While Dr. Carlton was not necessarily implicated in the circumstances leading to their deplorable condition, a concerned animal lover must surely ask the question: "How good could his 'oversight' possibly be if such conditions were allowed to develop under his nose? Does this not indicate dereliction of duty on his part?"

An important fact that we all must realize is that nearly every horror visited upon animals in the United States -- from veterinary abuse/malpractice to vivisection to factory farming to puppy mills -- involves the complicity of veterinarians.

Read the facts. Is this one?

News Release with Appeal for Action from Grey2K

Email documentation proving that veterinarian Andrew Carlton is aware of injuries