Friday, May 2, 2008

San Antonio, Texas Veterinarian Scott Weeks Accused of "Indecency with a Child"

More vets behaving badly.


San Antonio, Texas Vet Scott Weeks (owner of Pet Medical Center in San Antonio) was accused of "frequently touching an 11-year-old boy over the past several years" when he was arrested in 2006, according to a June 2006 San Antonion Express News Article.

If those accusations were true, wouldn't you call it something more than "indecency?" If true, does this not constitute child sexual abuse?

The article states:

"The boy told his mother and investigators that Weeks had masturbated him over recent years . . ."

The article concludes:

". . . the affidavit . . . said Weeks is a 'continuing threat' to the boy and other children, particularly because of his job."

I find that interesting. I would like to know how being a veterinarian causes a person to be a greater threat to children. Is it because children love animals and therefore will want to be close to the veterinarian? Is it because veterinarians come in contact with many children as they treat family pets?

That is an interesting thought -- that persons suspected of molesting children etc. would have greater access or post a greater threat if they are veterinarians.

Very interesting.

If anyone knows what the outcome of this case was, let me know.