Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maryland Vet Jayne Tung Recommends Euthanasia Base on her Wrong Diagnosis

In April of 2007, 11-year old Irish Setter "Maire" was brought to see Dr. Jayne Tung.

The Maryland Vet Board states that "Dr. Tung misread a radiograph of "Maire" on April 13, 2007 . . . [and] as a result of her improper reading of the radiograph, Dr. Tung incorrectly diagnosed "Maire" as having cancer, and . . . Dr. Tung recommended that "Maire" be euthanized and did not discuss alternative treatment options with "Maire's" owner . . . Dr. Tung . . . [did not conform] to the minimal standards of care and treatment which are customary among veterinarians in this State."

Like so many Maryland Vet Board findings, this document leaves the reader with many questions.

Was Maire euthanized by her owners based on this misdiagnosis and the resultant recommendations of Dr. Tung?

Was she therefore euthanized unnecessarily?

The board refers to alternative treatment options . . . for what????? The cancer that Maire didn't have?

I am sure that if Maire didn't have cancer, her owner(s) would certainly have wanted to explore alternatives other than DEATH.

The Maryland Board fined Dr. Tung $600. Although they suspended her license for 2 weeks they "stayed" the entire suspension -- meaning that it was not enforced and she would not have missed a day of work. They placed her on probation for only 6 months.

A web search today on Dr. Tung didn't turn up an veterinary hospital affiliation on the first couple pages of results.

It did, however, turn up an association with our illustrious FDA. (Office of Surveillance and Compliance, to be exact.) Ah, the famously competent protectors of our pets' food supply, and our own. I bet they run out and hire every vet prone to misdiagnosis. Seems Tung isn't so good at surveilling -- at least not surveilling patient ex-rays; and not so good at complying -- with standard of care that is.

No wonder the fabulous FDA wanted her.