Sunday, September 7, 2008

Charles Maben Thompson: Sympathizer with Cruelty

The vets in this country who practice veterinary medicine in a negligent, incompetent, or cruel way are in and of themselves a problem -- a pervasive disease in this country that kills and injures countless companion animals and devastates their human loved ones.

But there are vets worse than they. And these are the vets who excuse and protect them.

Such is Charles Maben Thompson, President of the Tennesee Veterinary Board.

Gallatin Tennessee Veterinarian William Baber -- in my opinion an evil man if ever one walked this earth -- was profiled in this blog in February of this year.

Read about him here.

To recap, Baber was a vet employed at the county shelter who killed shelter animals by taking them fully conscious and shoving a needle with lethal fluid directly into their hearts, often while they flailed. There is video of him stepping on a cat to keep it still enough for him to shove a needle into its chest while it desperately struggles.

Here is undercover video of him:

This method of "euthanasia" is considered inhumane by the AVMA.

In spite of the fact that this story broke in November 2007, and Baber was charged with animal cruelty -- unsurprisingly to those of us who monitor veterinary boards all over the country -- not ONLY didn't the Veterinary Board take Baber's license away, the President of the Veterinary Board, C. Maben Thompson (Charles Thompson), had words of support and sympathy for Baber in a recent AVMA magazine article -- not for the poor tortured animals. Disgusting.

Baber was charged -- NOT by the vet board, but by local authorities -- with 12 misdemeanor counts.

Pathetic evil Baber is quoted in this article as saying "If you [the board] had a problem with it [heart shots on fully conscious animals], why didn't you say something to me?"

Um, Baber, evil moron, YOU should have had a problem with it, soulless demon that you are. YOU should have seen your own cruelty. YOU should have had a heart.

Maybe thats why you like to shove needles into the hearts of struggling animals so cruelly -- you are jealous, they actually HAVE hearts, which you don't.

But back to Thompson:

In this AVMA interview, Thompson says:

"I don't think there was ever intent by Dr. Baber—this is my personal opinion—to harm those animals,"

It is my opinion that this man is a lying sack of you-know-what. He knows damn well Baber intended to harm those animals. The AVMA considers this practice inhumane and anyone who watches these videos can clearly see how inhumane it is. You would have to be blind, deaf, and moronically stupid not to see this for what it is and KNOW that he KNEW exactly what he was doing. And I believe you do KNOW QUITE WELL.

Further, it is my opinion that these people -- both Baber and Thompson -- are nothing less than SOCIOPATHS, because sociopaths have no remorse or sympathy for others, including victims. They lack conscience. They rationalize everything and believe that they and/or their "profession" in this case are above normal morality or any rules or accountability at ALL.

Many of us have observed, and come to believe, that the veterinary field is rife with sociopaths. What a welcoming profession. Everyone adores you and thinks you wear a halo just because you are a vet. They deliver their pets to you in total trust. But behind closed doors you can do any cruel thing you want, and your victims can't talk. Not only that, your entire profession protects you. If you maim or kill, there is ZERO accountability and your colleagues will rush to your defense. You can weild a scalpal with impunity. You can step on poor homeless cats and shove needles into their hearts while they struggle. You can hit a dog and claim it was "necessary restraint." You can ignore suffering and then go lie to the owner and say you "did everything you could" and then hand them a bill for your cruelty. What a fabulous world in which a sadist and sociopath can have free reign.

This is the culture of cruelty and culture of deny and defend the abusers that RUNS the veterinary industry, folks.

But Thompson didn't stop talking there. He kept on. Did he express some regret or sympathy for those poor aninmals? No he did not.

Instead, he expressed sympathy, and seemingly solidarity, with Baber, saying:

" . . . he has suffered a great deal."

Oh poor man.

He further went on about how hard it is for vets to keep up with all the new informaton and guidelines that come out for their practices.

NO ONE NEEDS TO READ A NEWSLETTER OR GUIDELINE TO KNOW THAT THIS IS CRUEL. How outrageous, to make these kinds of excuses for the WORST of the WORST in your profession rather than to DO YOUR JOB and TAKE THAT MAN'S LICENSE AWAY.

Bad vets are bad vets, but the worst of the worst are those who are "leaders" in the profession, who set the standards (like Thompson) and who are entrusted to enforce regulations, but who in fact refuse to do so, excuse cruelty, and implicitly and explicitly send a message to ALL vets that IT IS OK TO ABUSE ANIMALS BECAUSE YOU ARE A VET AND YOU ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND WE WILL PROTECT YOU.




Charles Maben Thompson, DVM

AVMA article:

Oh, and by the way: This article announces the disturbing news that Baber is now in private practice.