Saturday, February 4, 2012

P.S. They Molest Children too . . . But they Keep Getting to Practice!

Seriously, is there NO CRIME that will result in utter revocation of a veterinary license?

Illinois Veterinarian James Anthony Dillon was charged with, and apparently (based on the subsequent vet board record) convicted of "aggravated criminal sexual abuse, a Class 2 Felony." What's the story here?

According to the Chicago Tribune (July 28, 2004), Dillon was the exchange student coordinator of the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Noon Rotary Club. He molested a boy who was an exchange student "from Europe, three times from January until May. . . . [Lake County Assistant State's Attorney Matthew Chancey said that] the abuse occurred at Dillon's house . . . Dillon occasionally entertained exchange students as well as arranging their visits, he said."

"The boy told his host family about the alleged abuse, which led to an investigation by the Children's Advocacy Center of the Lake County state's attorney's office, Chancey said."

Dillon had a veterinary office in Knollwood, IL. He was also was chairman of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, the article states.

Do you really need more proof that abusers seek roles where they will have access to victims? So, if that's true of "youth leaders" it follows that animal abusers also would seek out veterinary medicine.

So what did the vet board do?

They suspended his license for 30 days and put him on subsequent probation. In other words they did not take his license away. Right, like it's safe for child molesters to handle our pets. Brilliant, vet board.

A search of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation's website shows that his license is active. But if you want to remember who to stay away from, you can memorize his photo from the Sex Offender Registry.

Illinois vet board, you are good for NOTHING.

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