Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vets Who Take Joy in Tormenting and Killing Animals: Stacy Smith’s Illegal Hunting Ground

In December 2012 Tennessee Veterinarian Stacy Smith pled guilty to running an illegal hunting operation on his property, which he opened for hunting of wild hogs.

While the news stories on this focus on the role of illegal distribution and hunting of wild hogs contributing to environmental destruction, I am seriously disturbed by the idea of any veterinarian taking joy and profit in running a hunting ground of any kind.

The message this send to me is “Let’s torment and kill some animals! Yippee!”

And a sadist who enjoys tormenting and killing animals for profit on their illegal hunting grounds is not someone who I would ever want to be a medical care provider for my pets, much less be alone with them “in the back.” I would never ever ever ever trust such a person, nor do I think anyone else should.

It also makes me wonder what is up with all the sadistic veterinarians in Tennessee who enjoy tormenting animals as they/before they kill them, given that Smith joins “Barbarous Baber” on the Tennessee Veterinary Wall of Shame.