Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dog Dies 5 Hours After Spay

Texas Vet Joe Bennett performed a spay procedure on Ramsy, a Rottweiler. Later that day, Ramsy died less than 5 hours after being picked up by her family. Dr. Bennett had never offered, or performed, pre-surgical bloodwork on Ramsy. During the investigatin, Dr. Bennett stated that during surgery, he noticed that Ramsy had an enlarged spleen, anemia, and had petechia in her abdomen. In the record he had written, "possible ehrlichia." Yet he never informed Ramsy's family of Ramsy's condition, did no bloodwork, and did not discuss the option of seeking care at an emergency clinic with Ramsy's family. As stated above, Ramsy died within 5 hours of being released.

The Texas Vet Board found him in violation of the Professional Standard of Humane Treatment and regulations related to Patient Record-Keeping.

Links to disciplinary file/information: