Sunday, March 30, 2008

Veterinarians who Sexually Abuse Children, Installment #1: Washington State Veterinarian Jack Hyder aka Johannes Krieger

Think all vets have invisible halos floating over their heads? THINK AGAIN.

Jack Hyder, who previously went by the name Johannes Heiter-Krieger, was previously a veterinarian at the Scappoose Veterinary Clinic in Washington. And now he is a convicted child molester who has been sentenced to 10 years in the Washington State Penitentiary. Whose child did he molest? HIS OWN DAUGHTER. In addition to child molestation he was found guilty of "second degree" incest.

So, this guy screwed his own daughter?? Molestation + incest seems to add up to that. Rape charges against him were dropped. So how is it that this guy had incestuous relations with his minor daughter but wasn't charged with rape?

According to published press reports, Hyder, who was found guilty in November 2007 and sentenced in January, "the jury determined that Hyder had abused a position of trust to orchestrate the sexual abuse against his daughter."

Abusing a position of trust -- something so very many veterinarians do, but probably few in this particular way.

The January 2008 article said that "the abuse started against the oldest daughter, who is now 22 years old, in 1994 when the family was living in Ocean Shores, Wash."

OK, that means he started this when she was . . . 8 or 9.

Not that this alone isn't horrible enough -- but if he is doing this kind of thing to his own daughters, how do you think he is probably treating animals when no one is watching? A man so willing to victimize those who trust him, so willing to exploit the weaker and dependent, willing to -- in the words of the jury -- abuse his position of trust . . . ???? For obviously very selfish reasons?

Based on surveys of pet owners and the public, veterinarians continue to enjoy a very high reputation for honesty among the professions. Is is deserved? No, I don't think so -- I think this public perception is the result of the erroneous assumption, fed by the media, children's stories, and propaganda from the profession itself -- that vets are all kindly animal lovers. This blog will primarily feature stories about how vets have failed to merit that inflated perception in terms of their treatment of our pets. However, because it is so important that we -- the pet owning and pet loving public -- realize that vets are NOT all what we believe them to be -- I will also feature stories about vets who are BAD in other ways. Like this one.

But certainly, if he was willing to victimize his own daughter, what might he have done to his clients pets?