Monday, June 16, 2008

Tennessee: Charles Thompson; Tiffani Rogers; Joseph Kendrick; Janet Jones; Bryan Bondurant; James Lyons; Ron Wilson; and Elizabeth Miller

These people are the WORST OF THE WORST. They are the BAD VETS (and a tech, and a bureaucrat)who make all the other BAD VETS possible.

They are the members of the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medicine, and they JUST GAVE THE HORRIBLE BUTCHER BILL BABER his license back!

These people are sending EVIL VETS out into the community -- in this case a vet who has been CHARGED WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY FOR ACTS of CRUELTY AND INSENSITIVITY THAT strain human comprehension.

Baber -- former Gallatin TN Shelter vet -- was videotaped in the shelter performing illegal and inhuman euthanasias -- directly shoving needles of deadly solution into the beating hearts of fully conscious struggling animals. FULLY CONSCIOUS, I REPEAT.

Having previously suspended his license, and having called him an "eminent threat to public safety" just months ago, this group of people NAMED ABOVE have decided to LOOSE the HORROR that is BILL BABER back onto the innocent animals of Tennessee.

To understand the HORROR that is BILL BABER (William Baber), you must watch this video:

Video -- Story on the HORROR SHOW that is WILLIAM BABER the EVIL VET

I warn you: This video shows a cat struggling as it is pushed down onto the floor using a catch pole, then shows Baber stepping on this cat -- fully conscious and struggling -- after which he bends over to shove the needle in her heart, while the animal is is fully conscious, freaking out, and stuggling!

It also shows, torturously, dog after dog after dog, walking into Baber's death room, tail wagging, eyes trusting, only to be hoist upward by an assistant and held, chest exposed, flailing, as Baber callously and emotionlessly shoves a needle of solution directly into their hearts.

One witness says that the heart shots were sometimes done so fast that he missed the heart.

“They scream, I’ve actually just seen them stagger everywhere, underneath his feet, down the hallways, finally [they] just collapse.”

In another interview, a source said:

“He hits them with the needle. They flip. They flop,” said a source who didn’t want his identity disclosed to the public. “They’re just basically going nuts. They’re yelping.”

I have blogged about Baber here before:

Below are more links for you at the end of this post.

If you do only one thing this week,

WRITE THE MEMBERS OF THE TENNESSEE VETERINARY BOARD and tell them what EVIL they do by giving this heartless, cruel, horrifying, facsimile of a human a VETERINARY LICENSE TO GET ANYWHERE NEAR ANIMALS.

They have given him a LICENSE TO KILL AGAIN.

Here is the address of the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Examiners:

227 French Landing, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37243

Each and EVERY one of them is PERSONALLY culpable for EVERY cruelty to be perpetrated by William Baber, because they have the power to stop it, and they choose not to.

IT IS THESE PEOPLE FOLKS -- THESE PEOPLE -- who make ALL the other BAD VETS possible.