Sunday, June 22, 2008

Video on the Perils of Veterinary "Care"

Jan Rasmusen, canine health advocate and educator, author of the award-winning book "Scared Poopless" has released a compelling video that I recommend to all readers. While this blog post isn't about a particular bad vet, Ms. Rasmusen's video covers most of the common instances of vet care gone wrong, including over-vaccination, the veterinary profession's conscription in the pharmaceutical and pet food sales industry, and the perils posed to pets left overnight without qualified supervision at clinics all over the country -- just to name a few.

This incisive short and educational piece looks at "profit-driven and outdated methods of care."

Ms. Rasmusen articulately points out one of the chief reasons our pets become so vulnerable in the hands of vets -- our own trust in those vets. Rasmusen says:

"Most of us trust our vets wholeheartedly, because we see dog care as too complicated for mere mortals, we happily abdicate our responsibility as our
pets advocate in favor of our vet's perceived wisdom."

To hear many good reasons why you shouldn't abdicate that responsibility, watch the video.

You can also visit Rasmusen's website at